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What’s happening?

So, the blog has been a bit silent of late, mostly because there’s been a lot of incremental stuff that’s been happening. We shout that stuff out over at Twitter and Facebook, but we’ll pull some of the last couple-o-months together here. But while I still have you attention:

We need Rails beta testers. If you’ve been thinking about adding recommendations to your Rails app, drop us a line now.

So, with that out of the way, a few of the things that have gone down in Directed Edge-land of late:

  • We’ve been ramping up the features in our Shopify app based on things that we’ve been hearing from customers. The Shopify folks covered our new automagic bundling feature here.
  • New version of our Ruby gem, 0.2.1 out, and a couple of features added to our Java bindings so that they approach parity with the other bindings.
  • Wener Vogels, CTO of Amazon, has been spreading the good news about Directed Edge and we caught up with him when he was presenting about AWS in Berlin.
  • Yours truly will be doing a big tour out through New York, Austin and San Francisco / Silicon Valley in December and January. Holler if you want to meet and talk about recommendations.

Werner Vogels presenting Directed Edge as "one of the building blocks of Cloud Computing"

While a lot of the stuff in the last few months has been focused on internal tools and run-of-the-mill growing pains stuff, we’re getting pretty close to a series of announcements about new stuff coming down the pipe. (For some reason those always seem to come in batches.) We’re hoping the first of those will be ready in the next week or so.