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But I did make it into the video feed from the Prague TechCrunch event. There’s about a half-minute pseudo pitch in here. Lessoned learned from watching it back? Loosen up.  Get to the point faster.  Like in 10 seconds.  (Isn’t showing up in syndicated version, click through to the full post.)

Launch Count Down, Private Beta

We’re coming very close to having a beta to launch.  The interesting parts are good to go, but we still need to:

  • Clean up the (visual) design
  • Fix a couple of rendering errors on complex pages
  • Get the non-demo parts of the website in place — specifically info on what we’re doing and how pilot customers can get up and running
  • Tune the caching code so that it can handle a usage spike on launch

There’s still intentionally little information on the home page, and that will probably remain that way until we’re ready to go for a public beta.

However, I’ve been talking to more and more people face to face and showing off the current prototype (most recently at the two events that I just returned from in Prague), so in the next couple of days we’re going to start a private beta for folks that want to start exploring while we knock out the stuff above.  We’ll accept a limited number of requests.  Send us a mail or wait for the registration form to show up on the home page later this week if you’re interested in getting to the goodies a couple weeks ahead of the crowd.

Places I'll Be

Want to hear more about Directed Edge? I’ll be at the following upcoming events:

Valentin will probably be at the Berlin-based events as well.  I’d originally planned to be at the UK Hackers’ meetup in London the same day as the Prague TechCrunch event, but the combination of the TechCrunch and Ubuntu events the same weekend was too much to pass up.  I’ll try to catch the London folk the next go around.  Going to be at any of those events?  Drop me a line and we’ll be sure to meet up.