Places I'll Be

Want to hear more about Directed Edge? I’ll be at the following upcoming events:

Valentin will probably be at the Berlin-based events as well.  I’d originally planned to be at the UK Hackers’ meetup in London the same day as the Prague TechCrunch event, but the combination of the TechCrunch and Ubuntu events the same weekend was too much to pass up.  I’ll try to catch the London folk the next go around.  Going to be at any of those events?  Drop me a line and we’ll be sure to meet up.


  1. Philipp Schumann:

    Hi Scott, we talked last time over at Hacker News. Would love if you could give me a shout next time there’s a cool Berlin event you’re going to. Just found out Berlin TC has been cancelled. Too bad. Shouldn’t we set it up ourselves? As soon as Arrington isn’t coming, this should be great! 😀

  2. Philipp Schumann:

    “As long as”, not “as soon as”. Anyway ^^

  3. Scott Wheeler:

    Are you sure TC Berlin was canceled? I don’t that mentioned anywhere and I didn’t get an email update (though I previously got and confirmed an invite). This is stll the last update I see:

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