Launch Count Down, Private Beta

We’re coming very close to having a beta to launch.  The interesting parts are good to go, but we still need to:

  • Clean up the (visual) design
  • Fix a couple of rendering errors on complex pages
  • Get the non-demo parts of the website in place — specifically info on what we’re doing and how pilot customers can get up and running
  • Tune the caching code so that it can handle a usage spike on launch

There’s still intentionally little information on the home page, and that will probably remain that way until we’re ready to go for a public beta.

However, I’ve been talking to more and more people face to face and showing off the current prototype (most recently at the two events that I just returned from in Prague), so in the next couple of days we’re going to start a private beta for folks that want to start exploring while we knock out the stuff above.  We’ll accept a limited number of requests.  Send us a mail or wait for the registration form to show up on the home page later this week if you’re interested in getting to the goodies a couple weeks ahead of the crowd.

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