Toy of the Day: FeedMySearch

Like any new startup co-founder, I’m obsessive about seeing how what we’re doing trickles out over the web.  Being an RSS-warrior today I went looking for a Google search to RSS converter and found FeedMySearch, which now, a few hours into using it seems to do quite well in pulling in new information about Directed Edge as it hits Google’s indexes.

FeedMySearch for Directed Edge in Thunderbird

FeedMySearch for in Thunderbird


Nifty tool.  Anything that stops me from compulsive reloading is a win.  Now back to implementing new features.  🙂


  1. Jeremy:

    Cool. Also checkout Feedity – – I use it a lot these days for creating custom RSS feeds from any webpage. Its really simple to use and gives great results. Hope it helps! Chao 🙂

  2. Peter:

    You could also just use Google Alerts: a little less realtime, but does the job just fine :]

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