Collective intelligence, BarCamp and the Berlin Web Week

I’ll be doing a session tomorrow or Sunday at BarCamp Berlin (currently the most upvoted presentation topic).  I’ll cover some of the basics of modern recommendation systems, including basic categories of algorithms and why recommendations are important for modern web applications.  Dave Sharrock and Garik Petrosyan from Be2 (dating site) will be co-presenting, talking about some of the things they’ve had to overcome in building a scalable match-making system.

Valentin will be doing a session on multi-lingual blogging.

We’ll also be at the following events in the Berlin web week:

Drop us a line if you’d like to meet and talk about recommendations and what they can do for your site!

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  1. be2 beim BarCamp Berlin 3 | ... Liebe, Beziehungen und das Internet:

    […] IT-Experten haben schon zwei Vorträge (bzw. Sessions) vorbereitet und werden als erstes über Matchmaking-Algorithmen reden, die ja beim wissenschaftlichen Matchmaking-System von be2 eine sehr große Rolle spielen, […]

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