Directed Edge driving recommendations in Microsoft's MediaRoom CES demo

When it rains, it pours. We’ve got yet another announcement today. Microsoft, and the fine fellows of their TV division, announced MediaRoom 2.0 at CES yesterday. From their press release:

Our strategy with Mediaroom is to combine the power of client software and cloud-based services to greatly enhance the way consumers experience digital entertainment,” says Enrique Rodriguez, corporate vice president for the TV, Video and Music Business at Microsoft. “We want to make it easier for consumers to find and discover great content, to watch, listen and engage in new ways, and to do so anywhere and on any screen. Mediaroom 2.0 is a key milestone in our strategy, providing the software platform to power operators’ service clouds to reach more screens, and more people, with more content than ever before.

We naturally are also big believers in the power of discovery, and we’re excited to say that the recommendations in the demo at CES are being driven by none other than Directed Edge’s recommendations engine. We’re looking forward to further collaboration in the coming months.

Microsoft’s MediaRoom makes it easy for TV and video providers to get up and going with distribution over the internet. If you’re at CES this week, swing by their booth and check it out!

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