Nerd power, you know we need it.

So, VentureBeat yesterday picked up on us “opening up to developers”:

Product-recommendation startup Directed Edge is launching a free API for its recommendations platform so that developers can create new applications for it. Offered as a web service, the platform plugs into your website, collects data and then delivers real-time recommendations, based either on what similar users have done, or on a user’s own past behavior.

We wanted to drop in a wee bit more info for the loyal devotees of our humble blog. Of course we’ve had developers working with our API for aeons now, but what’s new here is that while we were recently firming up our pricing tiers (which are now also up on the site) we decided to serve up a plan for non-commercial mashups, skunkworks and similar goodness. This one’s on the house, fellas.

Getting buy-in from our nerdy brethren has been key to us getting the word out about what we’re doing, and we wanted to make good on that. This gives you all of the features of our “Social Starter” plan, for free. So, without further ado, I give you our:

Free Developer Account

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